Vol. 3 No. 1 (2020): Jentera: Jurnal Hukum

Format Kabinet Presidensial Multipartai Dalam Tata Hubungan dan Pengelolaan Pemerintahan Daerah

Dody Nur Andriyan
IAIN Purwokerto

Published 2021-01-26


In this paper explained that there is a relationship between the cabinet / ministry and local government. First, the relationship between the central and regional governments in Indonesia can be categorized according to The Agency Model. Those who have a role are the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Law and Human Rights. Second, the formation of the cabinet must consider the relationship of authority, financial relations, public services, utilization of natural resources and other resources and functional relations that occur between the central government and regional governments. Third, the formation and arrangement of the cabinet / ministry must consider or base on the division of government affairs. Fourth, minister figures / figures who understand the dynamics of regional government are needed, able to build synergy, cooperation and collaboration between the central government and regional government. Fifth, the formation of the cabinet accommodates the zakken cabinet (expert cabinet / professional cabinet). Sixth, the formation of the cabinet must accommodate regional representation. Seventh, the merger / merger of the ministries is done based on the same scope of duties, principal, functions, authority.