Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): Jentera: Jurnal Hukum

Pertanggungjawaban Fungsi Representasi Anggota Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat

Anita Nuraeni Putri
Indonesia Jentera School of Law

Published 2021-07-22


During 2019-2020, there were many problematic laws. One thing that is in the spotlight is decision making based on the opinions of factions, not those of the individuals. So that the public does not see the views of every member of the DPR. In several cases, it was recorded that DPR members had different opinions from the factions, but had 'relented' because the factions had decided to have this view. This became a question because it seemed as if DPR members were "powerless" within the faction. In fact, the public has the right to hold members of the DPR accountable individually because they have been elected individually, not choosing a political party, as a risk to Indonesia's open proportional electoral system. The public also did not have access to the closed meetings to make decisions who were taken by the factions, thus arousing public suspicion about what happened in the decision making - which later became the opinions of mini factions - at the meeting. The faction design itself is of particular concern, because it is in a party system and political culture in Indonesia are still elitist, thus influencing decisions about a problem in the deliberation of the bill.